Episode 124 – Super Dokkan Adventure Zones

This time, Chris and Andy are left to their own devices as Stan and Ryan are trapped in the Ghost Dimension! Nevertheless, our heroes pod on! Join our heroes as they plot out a new series of Star Wars anthology films and resolve to upend all of Star Wars canon, discover why you should stop everything you are doing and listen to the amazing DND podcast – The Adventure Zone, reminiscence about how we actually liked the Spider-Man Clone Saga back in the day, and how epic AF Andy’s Dragon Ball dream team is on the mobile game Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle.

Episode 119 – Super Spider-Man Homeboys

Andy and Chris hold down the fort, and it’s a SPIDER-MAN HOMECOMING SPOILERCAST. At least that’s what they say at the beginning of the episode. To be honest they’ve been talking about Overwatch for, like, ten minutes now so hopefully they aren’t lying about it. If they are please direct any comments/derision to Chris (KYONinjaforHire) and Andy (SweetJusticeOne) on Twitter.

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