SNP 55 – Super Supaida Pals

Episode 55 of your friendly neighbordhood Super Nerd Pals podcast is here!

While Chris is off eating apple strudels and schnitzel in the Ghost Dimension with Ghost Rider & Godzilla, Stan and Andy dish out all the Spidey talk as they give their reactions to the latest Captain America 3 : Civil War trailer, Web Warriors, and Stan’s topic of the week – Spider-Gwen #6. Also, Andy takes us on a tour of a post-apocalyptic New York City in his ravings about the long-awaited Tom Clancy’s The Division!

Don’t forget – the second episode of Anime Is Weird launched already! You can find it here:

Chris also started an blog called Fanimeshon on our website,, if you have a need for more anime content!

You can find our podcast on iTunes, Soundcloud, and Stitcher!

And as always, you can find us on our flagship channels for Super Nerd Pals! Please visit our website at! You can find us on Twitter and Instagram at @SuperNerdPals, or join our Facebook group at (We are almost at 300 Pals!!! GASP!)

You can find us individually on Twitter at:

Stan – @StanDoom
Andy – @SweetJusticeOne
Chris – @KyoNinjaForHire

Thank you and enjoy!!

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