Episode 123 – Super Yoko Taro Pals

Join Stan and Chris as we discuss why McCree’s lifeguard skin is SO EXTRA and deserving of our praise & wonder, what to look forward to in the upcoming Fallout board game by Fantasy Flight Games, Zak’s review on the Final Fantasy V book by Chris Kohler (Boss Fight Books), Chris’ thoughts on Otakon 2017, and Stan’s ultimate review on the literally life changing game Nier Automata and why Yoko Taro is the games developer equivalent of the Third Impact.

Episode 119 – Super Spider-Man Homeboys

Andy and Chris hold down the fort, and it’s a SPIDER-MAN HOMECOMING SPOILERCAST. At least that’s what they say at the beginning of the episode. To be honest they’ve been talking about Overwatch for, like, ten minutes now so hopefully they aren’t lying about it. If they are please direct any comments/derision to Chris (KYONinjaforHire) and Andy (SweetJusticeOne) on Twitter.

Episode 118 – Super Warhammer 40K Pals

Stan and Ryan were away but join Andy and Chris as they muse about the Internet chatter about Drake Bell as a potential Robin in the DCEU, the creation of a brand new character in our ongoing canon of The Rang, another exciting segment of OverwatchWatch 2017, Chris’ and Andy’ newfound fascination into 8th Edition of Warhammer 40K, and more excitable debates about the Dragon Ball series!

Episode 112 – Super Chicken Dinner Pals

Join our heroes Stan, Andy, Ryan, and Chris as we set the record straight on the quintessential X-Men movie viewing experience, the glorious creation of the Marvel vs. Capcom Cinematic Universe, the joys of chicken dinners in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Andy’s ranting on the wasted potential of The Flash TV series, and Ryan’s follow up review of Episode 2 of American Gods!

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