Episode 122 – Super Lock, Shock, and Dafoe

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SNP Ep 122 is live!

This week Chris and Stan take the reins and dive into some good ol’ fashioned CONTENT.

This week’s topics include:

Overwatch Summer Event
Diamond is Unbreakable movie reception
PUBG first person mode

Stan played SUPERHOT: The Card Game, and has some opinions!

Pull List (8/9/17):
(News) Nightmare Before Christmas Sequel Comic
All-New Wolverine 23
Squirrel Girl 23
Marvel Generations: Phoenix and Jean Grey

Chris and Stan cast the inevitable live action Nightmare Before Christmas movie! (You won’t BELIEVE who we cast as Jack Skellington! CLICK HERE.)

Topic of the Show:
Chris talks about The Reflection anime, and we take a look at Stan Lee’s history with anime and manga.

Thanks and enjoy!

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