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StanTESTStan Guderski
Host / Founder / Producer
Prince of Podcasts. Thinks Metal Gear Solid V should have been SNP’s GOTY 2015. Not bitter about it.

ACTESTAndy Carrasquillo
Host / Co-Founder / Executive Producer
Pokemon Master, Nightwing aficionado, the man with the (original) mic. Loves the Riddler. Invented “The Rang”.

RyanBGRyan Marlow
Host / Content Supervisor
Horror and true crime expert, enjoys the macabre curiosities of life. Somehow liked the Suicide Squad movie.

ChrisBGChris Samson
Host / Lead Technical Producer
A real “salt the earth” kind of person (not a typo). Mad Max and Ghost Rider is his jam. The Anime One. Enthusiastic typer.

The Podcast

Super Nerd Pals is a weekly podcast hosted by Stan, Andy, Ryan, and Chris. Every episode the four (or some combination thereof) get together to chat about their favorite topics and news in nerd culture. Discussions are varied, often tangential, and typically cover (but are not limited to) comic books, video games, anime, movies, TV shows, and tabletop gaming. Episode content revolves around whatever the hosts are engaged in that week and can consist of group discussions, reviews, recommendations, impressions, special guests, and more!

Episodes usually begin with the Newsflash Bus, a segment where the hosts report on (or tear apart) nerdy news stories of their choice. Super Nerd Pals also has a segment called The Pull List which–as the name implies–is a list of recent and new comic book releases that are on the hosts’ radar.

You can find and listen to the podcast on iTunes or SoundCloud, or use the RSS feed to listen on your podcast player of choice. You can also follow us on Twitter. Thank you!