Episode 113 – Super Thick with Lore

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Diane, I’m looking through my podcast app of choice and I see that a new episode of the Super Nerd Pals podcast is live.

As always Ryan, Andy, and Stan–the hosts of the show–are discussing a myriad of enjoyable topics. I’ll describe them to you.

First, they go over the news. They touch on Sonic Forces, the Venom movie, and a funny little show called Twin Peaks.

After that we go into the podcast proper. Ryan gives us her update on the American Gods tv show, Andy shares his opinion on the new Injustice 2 game, then we break for the latest installment of the Pull List–which covers the latest releases and news in comic books–and, finally, Stan and Andy wrap up their discussion on the recently completed Batman and the Flash crossover “The Button”.

All in all, Diane, I think you will find a lot to like about this episode. It is, excuse me, a *damn fine* hour of podcasting. Take a listen, won’t you? And let me know what you think.

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