SNP 99 – Super Prologue Pals


Welcome to Episode 99! This a special episode leading up into the big kahuna that is Episode 100. We are delighted to inform you all that in the next few episodes we are diving into the world of 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons!

Join our heroes Stan, Andy, Chris, and Andy as we fumble our way through character creation & enter the world created by our almighty Dungeon Master – Kevin! There will be action, drama, laughs, and peril! We cannot thank Kevin enough for being a wonderful DM as three of the four in our party never played D&D before… BUT THAT WON’T STOP US.

Take a sneak peek into our characters & the story to unfold… Get your dice ready, Pals. Welcome to Super Dungeon Pals!!!

Special thanks to Tabletop Audio & for excellent music & sound effects.

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Special thanks to for the following sound effects:

Glass Breaking – The Soundcatcher –…her/sounds/315646/
Explosion – Iwiploppenisse –


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Thanks and enjoy!

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