Episode 126 – Super Dungeon Pals – Part III

We have returned to playing 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons with our esteemed DM – Kevin!!!!

After a long loooong rest, our heroes Sleuthe (Stan), Ren (Andy), Keida (Ryan), and Seiza (Chris) have buried the remains of their brief companion and explore the town of Moss Stone. Strange things are afoot in this town…and it all begins with the most delicious batch of fruits and vegetables our heroes have ever seen. Detective shenanigans ensues!

Episode 124 – Super Dokkan Adventure Zones

This time, Chris and Andy are left to their own devices as Stan and Ryan are trapped in the Ghost Dimension! Nevertheless, our heroes pod on! Join our heroes as they plot out a new series of Star Wars anthology films and resolve to upend all of Star Wars canon, discover why you should stop everything you are doing and listen to the amazing DND podcast – The Adventure Zone, reminiscence about how we actually liked the Spider-Man Clone Saga back in the day, and how epic AF Andy’s Dragon Ball dream team is on the mobile game Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle.