KHAOS 5: Kingdom Hearts and Xehanort(s)

Episode 5 of Kingdom Hearts and Other Stuff marks the first time a Super Nerd Pals host guests on MY show, instead of the other way around. SNP co-founder and fellow Kingdom Hearts aficionado Andy Carasquillo joins me this week, equipped with the topic of Xehanort. We talk about his plans, his motivations, his Organizations, his keyblade, and all of his different forms throughout the Kingdom Hearts series. We get sidetracked here and there, but it always comes back around to the big bad himself.

Note: I forgot to mention to Andy before recording that I want to keep KHAOS rated PG, so I had to censor a handful of his colorful comments. Don’t worry though, I made them more fun!

Another note: I mention this in the show too, but we recorded before E3 and even the KH3 Premiere Event, so there’s a bit of outdated information that we discuss. Rest assured that we’re both up-to-date with the latest and greatest!

You can find Andy on Twitter, @SweetJusticeOne, and on the Super Nerd Pals podcast, right here on this website, where you’re reading this!

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