KHAOS 3: Kingdom Hearts and Interactive Storytelling

KHAOS 3: Kingdom Hearts and Interactive Storytelling

Episode 3 of Kingdom Hearts and Other Stuff is here! Well technically it’s been recorded since late March, but now it’s finally time to air it to the world.

My guest this time is my friend Kyle V. Hiller (never forget the V!), author the YA novel The Recital, with upcoming projects Lucca from Yesterday and Project Anjou expected in Fall 2018 and Spring 2019 respectively.

Kyle is a lapsed Kingdom Hearts fan who’s keen to get back into the series, and his topic is the idea of video games being respected as literature. Together we take a look at the convoluted and drawn-out story of the series, and compare it to other drawn-out crossover stories in media like the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Also, Kyle does his best to list off all of the various Kingdom Hearts titles in order of story chronology, and he fares pretty well!

You can get more information on Kyle’s books at his website,, or follow him on Twitter and Instagram; his username for both is @KyleLiterally.

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