Left for Dread Shuffles onto the Network!

Remember that one time I talked about Super Nerd Pals becoming the Nerd Pals Network? With the inclusion of Zak’s new podcast KHAOS (airing every other Wednesday) our scope oficially expanded beyond producing just Super Nerd Pals.

Well, it’s time to expand our scope once again. I am pleased to officially welcome Ryan and Chris’ new podcast Left For Dread to the Nerd Pals Network!

Left For Dread began as a side project for Ryan and Chris who started their podcasting career on the Super Nerd Pals show. Wheras SNP takes a broad view of nerd culture as a whole, LFD is all about about Ryan and Chris’ mutual love for all things horror. And if you who enjoy listening to them on SNP don’t fret–they aren’t going anywhere (I won’t let them).

Left For Dread airs every other Friday and you can listen to them on SoundCloud, Apple Podcasts, and your podcast app of choice. Be sure to subscribe and let them know what you think, and check out the pilot episode here!


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