KHAOS and Network Things

Back in 2015 Andy and I decided to start a podcast. At the time neither of us had any idea what we are doing. Three plus years later, I am pleased to announce that we know slightly more than we did back then. But only slightly.

We’ve picked up a few people since starting the show in January 2015. Chris came aboard that summer and brought with him his exhaustive knowledge of anime and post-apocalyptica, and Ryan joined the team last year, providing the podcast with a fresh perspective and her love of horror.

Now I am excited to formally welcome the newest Nerd Pal into the fold: Zak Lyons! If you’ve listened to us before you may know Zak for his role as a recurring guest–he was our unofficial E3 correspondent last year, a frequent spoilercast participant, and he’s even reviewed some books for us!

Unlike Chris and Ryan, however, Zak is not joining the Super Nerd Pals podcast. Instead, he is helming his own podcast called KHAOS.

KHAOS is an acronym that stands for Kingdom Hearts and Other Stuff and it’s Zak’s own brainchild. Each episode Zak and a guest will talk about, well, Kingdom Hearts and other stuff. Guests will occasionally have no knowledge of Kingdom Hearts, which is where the ‘other stuff’ comes in. It’s Zak’s job to tie the series into the guest’s topic and convince them to give the series a try. Episodes that feature fellow KH fans will instead take a closer look at a specific element of the franchise. Be sure to check out podcast when the first episode premieres on the Super Nerd Pals feed this Wednesday, May 9.

That brings us to the final announcement. We’ve had other podcasts under our umbrella before (Anime is Weird and Dragon Chat, for example) but this is the first time a podcast helmed by someone else will be coming into the fold. This means, officially, that Super Nerd Pals morphed into a glorified network. So what is changing besides the scope of our operations? Well, for one thing, our posting schedule.

Super Nerd Pals, the podcast, is our flagship show and will now air twice a month on Wednesdays at noon. KHAOS will also air twice a month, on alternate Wednesdays. All YOU have to do is subscribe to Super Nerd Pals on your podcast app of choice to get both shows. Eventually, KHAOS may branch out onto its own feed, when that happens we will let you know.

This is how the Nerd Pals Network (weird to say!) will operate for the foreseeable future, and who knows–we may even be adding more shows. Stay tuned!

For now, subscribe to our show on iTunes, SoundCloud, or Stitcher. Follow the network on Twitter, or join our Facebook group! If you want to hear Zak right now then listen to the most recent episode of Super Nerd Pals, where we spoil Avengers: Infinity War!

See you next episode!


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