Episode 107 – SUPERHOT Pals with Special Guest Szymon Krukowski

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We got a SUPERHOT episode for you this week! Special guest Szymon Krukowski from SUPERHOT Team joins the SNP team for a fantastic adventure of nerddom!

Join our heroes as Szymon explains the history of how the amazing, critically acclaimed FPS combat puzzle game SUPERHOT came to be & its development into a very successful Kickstarter-backed card game. Szymon and the Pals also waxed poetic about animation, tabletop gaming, Overwatch, anime & manga fandom, and an extended geekfest over martial arts!!!

It was an honor and privilege to have Szymon on our show & we can’t wait to have him back again!

SUPERHOT is available for purchase on XBox and Steam. For more information, check out their website at superhotgame.com/

You can also follow and tweet the team at @SUPERHOTTHEGAME

For more information about the SUPERHOT card game, please visit their Kickstarter site:

Remember, it isn’t too late to back and pre-purchase the game!

If you have any questions or comments for Szymon, please follow and tweet at him on Twitter at @szkrukowski or email him at szymon@superhotgame.com

Thanks for listening! See you, Space Cowboy.



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