Episode 104 – Super ROM Pals with Philip Jones of MidBoss

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Welcome to Episode 104 of SNP!

Today we have a very special guest – Philip Jones, the VP of Creative at MidBoss and the Expo Director of GaymerX. Philip joins our heroes Stan, Andy, Ry, and Chris on a wild adventure where they discuss a bevy of topics, including:

• Philip’s work on GaymerX and the hustle and bustle that is #conlife
• MidBoss’ 2064: Read Only Memories (PS4 / Steam)and the fantastic cyberpunk world of Neo-San Francisco
• MidBoss’ award-winning documentary Gaming in Color – a fantastic work about “the queer side of gaming: the queer gaming community, gaymer culture and events, and the rise of LGBTQ themes in video games”

All this and more, including Professional Wrestling! Overwatch! Power Rangers! Live Action Disney! What are you waiting for? Take a listen!

We cannot thank Philip enough for taking out time to be a guest host on our show. It was a blast and we cannot wait for Philip to return once more!

You can find Philip Jones on Twitter at @probearcub !

For more information about MidBoss, please visit midboss.com/and follow them on Twitter at @WeAreMidBoss. They also have a community forum that you can join here: forum.midboss.com/

For more information on 2064: Read Only Memories, please visit their website at readonlymemori.es/ and follow on Twitter at @ROM2064. The game is absolutely incredible!

To find out more information (especially where/how you can watch) on Gaming in Color, please visit their website at gamingincolor.tv/ ! You can follow them on Twitter at @GamingInColor

Lastly, be sure to keep tabs on the upcoming GaymerX East convention this fall at gaymerx.com/ You can follow them on Twitter at @GaymerX

Enjoy the episode!


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Thanks and enjoy!

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