Episode 102 – Super Switch Em Up

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Our Dungeon Pals Trilogy is over, so it’s back to your regularly scheduled nerd programming!

Join Ryan, Stan, and Andy as they wake up and record the earliest episode of Super Nerd Pals ever – prepare for crunchy morning voices, and the crisp sound of pouring coffee.

Then take a ride on the NEWS BUS for:
DC/Looney Tunes Summer One-Shots!
Donnie Yen in a Sleeping Dogs movie??
Secret Empire and Good Guy Doctor Doom?!

Followed by Ryan’s SPOILER-FREE impressions of Fox’s newest X-Men-adjacent film LOGAN. Was it everything she hoped it would be?

The pals then dive into the PULL LIST where Ryan talks Rat Queens and Stan raves about the insanity that is the Superman Reborn
story arc. Are you surprised?

Finally the trio settles in to talk about the recent release of the Nintendo Switch: the console, the launch line-up, and of course,
THE LEGEND OF ZELDA. Stan and Andy run down their likes, dislikes, offer their initial impressions of Breath of the Wild, and do their
best to make Ryan as jealous as possible.

It’s an action packed episode, condensed into an appetizing hour of programming for you ears – it’s the Super Nerd Pals!

Reccomended Reading:
Rat Queens Vol. 1
Infamous Iron Man 1-5
The Walking Dead 163
Superman 18

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