The Super Dragonball Evolution Pals Holiday Special – Episode 1 (2016)

What’s up, pals! 2017 is upon us and we want to give you one last treat before we say goodbye to 2016 with our crossover Super Nerd Pals/Dragon Chat end of the year special!

We are starting a brand new, horrible, but amazing tradition to last all of eternity. At the end of every year, your loyal podcast hosts Stan, Andy, and Chris will get together and watch the amazingly terrible masterpiece of a film that is Dragonball Evolution & we try to make sense of it. Remember – we are going to do this EVERY SINGLE YEAR.

So crack open the fireplace, get your favorite blanket/kigurumi/slipper combination, get a glass of wine or hot mulled cider and prepare yourselves – we’re embarking on an adventure for DEM PROMETHIUM ORBS.

Happy New Year’s everybody, and we will see you again in 2017!


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