Anime Is Weird, Episode 2 – Code: Breaker

It is the first Friday of March! That means we have a brand new episode of Anime Is Weird!!!! YATTAAAAAAAAAAAA!

An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, anime rage for anime rage.

That’s right, folks. It is the first Friday of the month of March and our heroes Stan, Andy, and Chris are back for the 2nd episode of Anime Is Weird… and man are they salty about this month’s pick, “Code: Breaker.” And like a mythical but disgruntled unicorn, Stan and Andy see Chris get legitimately angry over something this episode – what a treat!!!

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We hope you enjoyed Episode 2 and our review of Code: Breaker! Stay tuned for Friday, April 1st, when we release our special April Fools’ Day episode!


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