SNP 48 – Super Prince of Podcasts

Join our heroes on Episode 48 of Super Nerd Pals in the post-crisis crossover that was Snowzilla!

Listen to our epic tales of how Macho Man made his glorious return to the world of wrestling, why there is nothing more legit and badass than declaring yourself a Prince, and why we can’t seem to get over capped teeth and damaged tattoos. This a jam packed episode where we cover Suicide Squad, anime, Resident Evil 0 HD, We Are Robin, The Walking Dead, and more!

Here are some links and extra references to topics we talked about the show:

Andrew Wheeler’s excellent article on the Captain Americas & diversity:

Obi Wan & Anakin #1:

Star Wars #15 (featuring more Obi Wan badassery):

A guide to the art of Ralph McQuarrie & Star Wars:

Info about Erased:

Info about Prince of Stride – Alternative:

Info about Haruta & Chika:

Info about Assassination Classroom:

Info about Dagashi Kashi:

***All photo credits for cover image go to “Uta no Prince-sama”, property of Broccoli.***


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