SNP 46 – Super Force Awakenings

There is an awakening – it is Episode 46 of the Super Nerd Pals podcast!

Welcome fellow Star Wars fans – rookies and veterans alike! This is Episode 46 – our Star Wars, Episode VII: The Force Awakens Spoilercast featuring awesome guest hosts and friends of the show Ryan and Josh! We want to thank them for coming onto the show!

You can find Ryan on Twitter at @The_Red_Horror. Stay tuned for her upcoming podcast Cannibalism & Coffee!

You can find Josh on Twitter at @JKaye57. Check out Josh’s film review work on the! Here is his review on Star Wars: The Force Awakens –

He also has fantastic articles on recent movie releases including ‘Concussion’ and ‘The Hateful Eight’!

We also want to give special thanks to Chelsea, Jack, and Kevin for their listener questions! If you have a question you would like for us to discuss and answer on the podcast, send us a message or post via email, Facebook, or Twitter!

You can find our podcast on Soundcloud – as well as iTunes and Stitcher:

You can follow us on Twitter and Instragram at @SuperNerdPals. Feel free to join our very popular and active Facebook group at Visit our website at! And you can visit our YouTube channel at

You can tweet at us individually at:

Stan – @StanDoom
Andy – @SweetJusticeOne
Chris – @KyoNinjaForHire

Enjoy the episode and hope everyone had a happy holiday!

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