SNP 41 – Super Vault Boys

Episode 41 has escaped from Vault 111!

Podcasting. Podcasting never changes.

Join our heroes, Vault Dwellers Stan, Andy, and Chris, as we escape from Vault 111 into a post-apocalyptic world filled with Mewtwo clones, Web Warriors, and posh but dangerous robot servants in our special Fallout 4 episode – SNP 41!

You can also find our podcast on iTunes and Stitcher!

If you have any questions, comments, or feedback please don’t hesitate to use your Pip-Boys to contact us at our email (, or our Twitter (@SuperNerdPals).

You can also tweet at us individually at:

Stan – @StanDoom
Andy – @SweetJusticeOne
Chris – @KyoNinjaForHire

You can follow us on our Facebook page at, on Instagram at @SuperNerdPals, or our website at

Have a very Happy Thanksgiving and stay safe out in the Wasteland!

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