SNP 92 – Super Nerd Final Kingdom HD XV Remix 2.8 Pals

We have a very special episode for you this week as superstar guest host Zak Lyons returns once more to give his expert analysis on Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy XV! It was awesome having him back on the show & we can’t wait for his return! Join our heroes as we discuss the brand new Spiderman Homecoming trailer, who is #BestBoy of the FFXV bros, and what we look forward to from Square Enix.

SNP 91 – Super PSX Pals

What’s up, pals?

EPISODE 91 IS LIVE! The Game Awards and PSX unleashed a torrent of amazing news, reveals, and updates! Join our heroes Stan, Andy, and Chris as well give our initial thoughts and impressions – capping it off with our dream picks for the roster of the recently announced Marvel Vs. Capcom Infinite game!

Dragon Chat 6 – …Hope?

Dragon Chat Episode 6 is live!

On this episode, Chris got his hands on Dragon Ball Fusions for 3DS and gives his impressions – is it worth your time?

Also, we discuss episode 66 and 67 of Dragon Ball Super, THAT ending to the Future Trunks arc, and the arc as a whole. What did we think of it, and where do we see Dragon Ball Super going next? Take a listen and find out!

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