Episode 118 – Super Warhammer 40K Pals

Stan and Ryan were away but join Andy and Chris as they muse about the Internet chatter about Drake Bell as a potential Robin in the DCEU, the creation of a brand new character in our ongoing canon of The Rang, another exciting segment of OverwatchWatch 2017, Chris’ and Andy’ newfound fascination into 8th Edition of Warhammer 40K, and more excitable debates about the Dragon Ball series!

Episode 110 – Super DIG IT Pals

Join Stan, Andy, Ryan, and Chris as we discuss our preferred Pokemon types, give stern warnings to DC to not mess up Dick Grayson in the upcoming live action Teen Titans show, freak out over Jotaro’s shocking haircut in the live action JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure – Diamond is Unbreakable movie, Ryan’s hype for the American Gods premiere, and Mario Kart 8 shenanigans!

Episode 109 – Super SNES Boys

This week Stan and Andy recieve a special call from The Mayor, dive into the beginning of the Batman and Flash crossover “The Button”, give their early thoughts on Persona 5, and discuss the rumor that Nintendo may be making a SNES classic by — you guessed it:
hand picking the games they’d like to see in a Super Nerd Pals edition of the SNES Classic. You already KNOW Batman Forever made the list!

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